Zion + Canyonlands National Park

When you embark on a six week road trip with flexible timelines, something disturbing happens. You start to take advantage of all the free time. You lock in to routines and get used to the new way of life. The road starts to feel like home, and the arduous setup/teardown each morning/ evening becomes commonplace.

Asher and I would joke that we couldn't imagine a day when we didn't have to stop at a gas station to refill the ice in our cooler. Storing and eating out of a refrigerator sounded so far away. 

Taking an aside—the beauty of living in New York is that it's fast paced, energizing, inspiring, and full of creative people busy pursuing their dreams. The problem of New York is that it's too fast-paced and equally tiring with too many options and things to do. Being a workaholic is praised.

I typically choose to view this positively, but when I left the city I began to notice that most people across the country don't think about work quite so much, and they seem much more relaxed. Rest, play, family life, and general appreciation of life is more prominent. I really felt a strong call to take more of that back with me. 

Back to the road trip: we drove from Bryce Canyons to Canyonlands and then Zion National Park (still in Utah). I'll be honest. This entire trip was so full of Canyons that we could have skipped some of this, but I will say that each one holds very unique qualities.

My favorite was Zion National Park. I expected to rush right on through, but once we got there we couldn't help but spend a few extra hours. There are dozens of trails varying anywhere from a quarter mile to 9 miles. We chose to do a couple mid-length hikes and encountered wildlife along the way! Whee!

Zion National Park is special because it has a large range of sites—giant canyons, winding roads, waterfalls, creeks, hiking, woods, wildlife, and more! We had such a beautiful time and wished we could stay longer. Zion National Park truly feels like Zion, and if it exists, this is just how I imagine it to be.