Breakfast Tacos All Day Errday: Austin, TX

Of all the places we’ve been so far, Austin is my favorite. I would live there. Instead of acting tourist, I was instead drawn to the coffee shops, culinary experiences, street musicians, local boutiques, and the art and creativity that seems to permeate the city.

It rained. Very hard. But we still had a blast. For eats, we went to a very authentic Mexican restaurant (forgot the name tho sorrrrrry), which featured an extensive salsa bar and homemade corn tortillas. I also recommend Cenote for breakfast tacos and coffee. Midas breakfast tacos. ‘Nuff said. We're so smitten with the concept and 100% in favor of the taco diet that Asher and I went to buy matching “Breakfast tacos all day err day” shirts. 😃 For coffee, go to Joe's. There’s a long line, and the obligatory photo op in front of an “I love you” mural. Oddly, we didn't take the obligatory photo. Oops.

Most of these places are located in South Congress aka SOCO, where you can also find boutiques and cute shops everywhere.

Zilker Park is a MUST SEE in Austin. We originally intended to swim in the Barton Springs Pool, which is a public swimming pool made up entirely of natural springs. Due to flooding, however, it was closed—so we walked along the river the springs stem from instead and stumbled upon stand-up paddle boards and kayak rentals. Ya’ll. Smack dab in the middle of this beautiful city lies this stunning park where you can find couples running with their dog, people swimming in the river, kayaks, and fishing. It is AMAZING. We kayaked and loved every minute of the vibe. Our time was short, but it was oh-so-sweet. Austin boasts of city life, but also tons of nature, parks, camping, and outdoor activities. 

Finally, we went to a jazz show (doesn’t really rival NYC jazz, but it's still good) at the Elephant room, an underground bar with live music and long lines.

We camped one night and then stayed in an Airbnb the other night and LOVED IT! Our host, Dwight, went out and bought us a bottle of wine immediately, offered everything in his home, and introduced us to Kuma his chow/collie mix and waffle the cat. They were the sweetest, cuddliest animals, only feeding into my intense longing to reunite with my pup, Beans, back in NYC. Animals are just the best. If you want this host's listing, shoot me a message from the contact page!

I felt at home in Austin, and aspire to keep the carefree, ‘don’t take life so seriously’ vibes with me as we head out to Cache, Oklahoma and then Santa Fe, NM to see more of this beautiful country!

Things I loved:

  • SOCO—so many good boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants
  • The breakfast tacos EVERYWHERE
  • Our Airbnb—everything was great about it: the host, the animals, the location

What I didn’t love:

  • The only thing I didn’t love was finding parking downtown. Downtown city parking will always elude me.

Tips for moving forward:

  • Spend about 10 minutes finding meter parking, and from there, make life easy and head for the paid public parking. Save yourself the mounting frustration that comes from searching for parking.
  • If you think you want to buy something, stave off for a few hours to see if you really want it. If you’re still thinking about it a few hours later, go back and buy it before leaving town.
  • Don’t skip the Mexican food or the breakfast tacos. Pay attention to the culinary taste of the area you’re in.