Artist Interview: Maria Logan

Since the arts, creativity, and entrepreneurship are such a big part of my life, I like to bring people onto the blog who inspire me—and not just in the arts, but in overall lifestyle too! Maria is awesome. Her snapchats are filled with smoothie recipes, healthy supplement recommendations, and bone broth (which is most def up my alley). She's an amazing singer/dancer/actress to boot, most recently featured as Pinky in Westchester Broadway Theatre's production of Happy Days.

I hope you find inspiration, comfort, and good ideas in this interview with her. :)


My name is Maria Logan, and I’m an actor living in New York City (Astoria, Queens).

How do you stay spiritually/mentally focused and healthy while living in a city like NYC and pursuing a theatre career?

I stay focused by having a routine and strict hard limits for taking care of myself. As an entrepreneur, my body, my voice, my spirit ARE my livelihood. Therefore, I have to view the act of taking time to exercise and getting to bed early as preparation for my career. I also write things down! I write down shows I want, roles I want, and things I want to do. I write to-do lists. I confront myself with my own desires as often as possible. It keeps me motivated and focused.

How do you balance all the the aspects of life: work, family, play, exercise, etc.?

I am still figuring this out. The balance is hard! I often feel that something has to give. When I am fully committing to career and health, sometimes my relationships take a back seat for example. I think the key is to communicate clearly with yourself and your loved ones to call yourself out when the balance is swinging away from them, or away from yourself. Admitting recognition of the lack of balance is profound. And I have over the years come to welcome the unbalanced nature of life. I don’t strive to have perfect balance, because I’d disappoint myself terribly if I did!

What is your favorite go-to healthy meal?

My absolute favorite meal is very specific: In a Cast Iron Skillet - broccoli cooked in grass-fed ghee or coconut oil with 2 eggs on top, served with half (or sometimes a whole!) avocado. 

Fav workout?

Weight lifting. I love to lift heavy! I also love yoga.

What is the most influential book you’ve read?

I'm currently reading The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms by Vishen Lakhiani. It is absolutely blowing my mind. Also, The Four Agreements made a huge impact on me.

Is there an unhealthy food or unproductive habit you find difficult to resist, and if so how do you work to resist it?

Almond butter by the spoonful is tough for me to resist. It is tough for me to keep it in the house, because I sometimes have trouble and go overboard with it. I have a very specific brand that I love to have, and it is very expensive. So, I let myself have it in the house every once in a while, understanding that it’s a treat. And, if I ever do go overboard with it, I have learned to be kind to myself and love that part of me who just can’t get enough! 

Do you have any morning or evening rituals you’d like to share?

I oil pull with coconut oil every morning for 20 minutes. I have warm lemon water and then a full liter of filtered water before I do anything else. And when I’m being really good, I will also meditate for at least 5 minutes. I also almost 100% of the time do my daily workout in the morning fasted.

Have you ever felt discouraged in your pursuit of art, and if so, how do you flow through those harder times? 

I would love to say that I’ve been able to graduate from that discouraged feeling when things don’t go my way in an audition or work out for a certain show. However, the reality is that I do get discouraged, and I do have harsh words for myself sometimes. I think the “graduation” I’ve come to, is the ability to love myself and accept that I am right where I am supposed to be. I trust myself. I’m a hard worker. I take care of myself. I have confidence in my art, and I continue to somehow make money with this amazing thing that I love to do! I try to take time when I can to reflect on the things I have and be so grateful. Flowing through the hard times I think comes easiest when I’m able to put my worth in things greater than art and theatre. When I’m able to reflect on who I am as a person and the legacy I’m leaving behind in this world, I find peace. Also, when I reconnect with my raw love for theatre and music and dance, I am able to find peace. Sometimes it can be as simple as writing a song, or getting together with a friend to read through a script, or even watching a really brilliant movie. Finding that spark of why I love to create art helps when times are tough.

Do you have any favorite wellness tips?

SLEEP is so vital. Quality, length, and specific time of sleep are all very important. Check in and be honest with yourself. Limit exposure to bright lights and screens as the sun begins to set. When we sleep, our bodies finally have time to heal from all the madness we encounter during the day. If you are working out and eating healthy without seeing any results, check in with your sleep! I promise when you heal your sleep, so much else will heal. 

Also, get into a morning routine that energizes you and sets you up for success. I am a big believer in “to each his own”, so my routine of chugging water and meditating may not be for you. But, experiment and find something that makes you feel like your most productive, happy self. You will thank yourself!

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring creatives, what would it be?

Be kind to yourself! And never forget how powerful art is.

What does it mean to you to live in the moment and how do you do that day to day?

Living in the moment to me means breathing deeply, finding thankfulness, and trusting the process! I will sometimes repeat the phrase, “You are right where you’re supposed to be” over and over. It helps me be kind to myself and not expect anything from myself other than what I am currently giving. I find this helps me a lot when it comes to relationships as well. 

What does happiness look like for you?

Happiness I think changes every day, so I try to be as open and communicative as possible about things that I want both with myself and with my loved ones. I think the ability to make “I want…” statements and “I love…” statements can really inform us on what gives us happiness. There should always be at least one thing you do every day that is something you love to do, because with all the hours in the day, that’s the least you deserve! Our time on this earth is limited, so we should be spending it doing things we love. I find that the challenge doesn’t come from making the time for things we love, but rather actually sitting down and connecting with the truth of what those things actually are! You’d be surprised how many people struggle to answer the question “What makes you happy?”

So what makes me happy? Sunshine, listening to music, cooking, farmers markets, one on one time with a friend, singing, telling stories, exercise, researching, and the list goes on and on.

Thanks friends, and I'll be back tomorrow with the most beautiful GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe filled with pumpkin spices and all kinds of goodness.