What I'm Reading: Big Magic and Red Rising

I have this horrible habit of reading 17,000 books at once, setting them down, and then picking them up a year later, forgetting everything I read. So then I start over, and the cycle continues. I've decided it would be best to focus on 1-2 books at a time, of different genres, perhaps a fiction and a non-fiction. I'm pretty picky about what I choose to read. Life is short, and I already have a list running of books I'd like to get to, so if I take your advice on a book, it's a HUGE compliment. I want to be pretty sure I'll love it before I commit, and I'm not afraid to stop in the middle if I'm just not into it. One exception to that rule is A Tale of Two Cities, which I didn't really like...until the end, and then BAM! all of sudden, everything came together, and I loved it. 

So in these next few weeks I'll be exploring two books: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I've read Big Magic already, but I consumed it like a freaking chocolate cake. So. Fast. And there were so many gold nuggets in there that I wanted to re-read it and digest it a bit more fully. This book explores the topics of creativity, fear, making art, conceptions and misconceptions around artistry, and how to approach the idea of living a creative life—AND I CAN'T WAIT to post about my experience with this book over the  next few weeks. I'm also doing a reboot with one of my acting teachers this summer, Jen Waldman, and I wanted the material I'm reading to propel me forward in that, as well.

Red Rising, on the other hand, is a fiction sci-fi novel that seems to be a mix between Game of Thrones and Hunger GamesI'm in! One of my best friends, Priscilla, recommended this book and I implicitly trust her recs, particularly in regards to sci-fi. Amiright? :)

If you have any recommendations on reading, don't be shy. I am always trying to add good things to my list. :)

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