<3 What are you doing for Valentine's Day? <3

I love Valentine's Day. Really, I'm into it. I don't expect any gifts at all. But I do like the excuse to dress up, be with my <3, go out to dinner sans cell phones, and eat my favorite dessert that I eat every week of the year, cookies and ice cream.

We eat at home for most of our meals, and I already cooked Asher a fancy meal with Ashley and Bryan (my sister and her boy), so we're just going to take it really easy—meaning Netflix-and-chill at home, wine, Italian food close by, and a massage in the afternoon. I have the day off tomorrow so, lucky me, I get to pamper myself a little bit!

What are you doing? Staying in? Going out? Nothing at all?

There are a few things I like to do to treat MYSELF with a little extra love on Valentine's Day: