Travel Ideas for 2017

I’m a woman on a budget, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t stash away savings for a bit of travel. If there’s one thing WORTH spending money on, it’s exploration and adventure. I’ve been so fortunate to travel all over the world, both for work and leisure. Each experience has added an invaluable contribution to who I am. Living a life of curiosity cracks open the very core of my identity. India, for example, gave me a completely new perspective on the world and a proper dose of humility (more on that another time). Italy taught me slow living, and savoring the moment. Thailand taught me about adventure. Germany taught me how to drink (lol). America taught me that the world doesn’t center around NYC, and our land is even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined (and therefore worth protecting). Prague taught me about romance and beauty. Amsterdam—well, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. On and on. Each experience has absolutely changed and shaped me.

If I had it my way, I would take extended trips on a quarterly basis, but for this year, I’m hoping to take a few smaller trips and one big one.

For the big trip, we’re considering a few options this year.

Hawaii (pictured above): I’m excited to explore Polynesian culture, the hiking, volcanic activity, and stunning black sand beaches. This will be a completely unique experience for me if we choose to go here.

Japan: I LOVE Asian culture. It’s completely different and for that reason I’m endlessly fascinated. I’m particularly into East/Southeast Asia. My experience in Thailand was absolutely unbeatable, so next on my list is Japan. I want to experience the food, the colonial village architecture, the parks, the way of life—everything. I’ve always wanted to go to Kyoto.

Paris, France: Asher’s been to Paris so, wah wah, this will likely have to wait. But it is at the TOP of my list. The romantic, European, food-centric, high fashion culture seems like a wistful escape that I simply must experience someday.

Spain: Never been there, but I just know that there is a bold and luscious flavor to the cities (particularly Barcelona) paired with unique architecture. For those reasons, I need to see for myself. ;)

There are obviously a million other someday hopefuls, but for this year, these options seem within reach. What do you think? Any other places we MUST put on our list? Greece and New Zealand are on my list, but may be a bit too expensive for this year.

Photo Sources: (1) Pixelstalk (2) Pedro Szekely (3) Nick Kenrick (4) Mariusz Kluzniak