The Grand Canyon Photo Journal

Enter The Grand Canyon. There's almost nothing to say about something which speaks so well for itself either in photos or in person. The canyons stretch on and on and on into the horizon. We saw so many canyons on our trip, but this one is by far the most grand (hence the name). I'm not even going to say much, because—just look....

We actually drove in the north entrance, and saw a different view than most people take.  The distance between the north and south entrances COMPLETELY crept up on me. It' morbid six hour drive (or more?) from north to south. We didn't plan this route at all, but it was still a bajillion percent worth it. 

We took a 9-mile hike in the canyons filled with lots of unconventional bathroom breaks. I was expecting to see more wildlife, but ohhhhh well. Still beautiful. 


  • Plan your route. Which entrance do you want? Do you have time to hike?
  • Where are you camping? Plan this IN ADVANCE, because it's packed.
  • Pay attention to whether you light a fire or not. There have been some bans lately!
  • Leave room for spontaneity! It's fun not to have a plan. :D

Happy Travels!