The Best Beam-Family-Reunion-Winning Carrot Cake


I had a fabulous birthday surrounded by family and people I love oh so much. We saw Miss Saigon on Broadway and I wept and wept and wept. It's such a beautiful story with sweeping music. Epic musicals are so close to my heart and I wish that we created more theatre in that style. It remains timeless.

I had lunch with my family before they left at Tryon Public House, and then Asher took me to dinner at Buvette, which is my favorite restaurant in NYC. It's a gorgeous french cafe with small plates and a west village, trendy atmosphere. You must go.

But above all, you MUST try this 1991 Beam family reunion award-winning carrot cake my mom made. You can find the post about it and the recipe here. Seriously, check it out, because it's now my favorite dessert. And no, it's not healthy. ;) But that's what bdays are for!