TGIF: Weekend Edition

Hey, folks! I worked straight through the weekend, so I'm looking forward to some Tuesday when I have most of the day off. :) 

I'm entering into this new week incredibly grateful that I have the *freedom* to choose what I want to do with each day. That I get to write, act, and sing and no one's gonna tell me to stop. That I can choose happiness, delight, and wonder in every moment. This realization that I have a choice in what I think moment to moment has been liberating, to say the least.

In light of that, here are some goodies from my research this week. 

Make: These wine soaked gummy bears are at the TOP of my list to try. 

Be: The Hygge Manifesto

Watch: Really love this video with Maria Forleo + Seth Godin

Read: I wrote an article on for AshLo Co. on boundaries and busy social calendars. :)

Be My Valentine: In honor of Valentine's Day, my sister and I threw a dinner for the boys. Find out how + download our free printable couples conversation starters here.

-OR- you can invite your date to coffee with our "Will you be my coffee date" printables! 

Have a great week ahead!