TGIF: Weekend Edition

Good morning! I intended to post a video this week, but yeeeesh I got the worst stomach bug. I was essentially bed-ridden for 36 hours straight, which doesn't seem like much, but it was a very intense period of time. I watched a LOT of The Affair on Showtime (shoutout to V). Has anyone watched this? So far the premise is incredibly interesting—it's about two married people from different walks of life who have an affair (hence the name). Half the show is dedicated to the man's perspective, and the other half to the woman's perspective. The distinctively different perspectives are fascinating. Let's also note that I don't condone affairs, but that doesn't mean the subject isn't fascinating. On top of this plot, there is an underlying plot line which may or may not turn the show into a suspense...? I don't know what's going on just yet, but it's really intriguing so I keep watching. Lol. I also caught up on The Bachelor, which is just complete trash (but still oh so entertaining), but yeh know...This is what you do when you're sick.

Travel: Check out these 52 places to go in 2017. (Thanks for the link, Bryan)

Want: This book. Mark Manson's blog is a gold mine, too. <3

Do: Can't wait to view the snow-capped cityscape from The High Line this winter.

Be: My favorite yoga studio in NYC: Bread and Yoga (favorite teachers there are Rian and Joseph, but they're all phenomenal).

Makethis. Because my stomach won't tolerate anything more complex than this at the mo.

Have a great weekend!