TGIF: Weekend Edition

Happy weekend! After the holidays I’m always a little bit exhausted, but I’m starting to get my juice back. I think the theme of this year will be More creating, less waiting. More output, less input. 

Anyway, what are your plans for the weekend? I think we’re going to catch a movie, maybe Lala Land. I hear it’s amazing, and we always love to go sit in the comfy seats at 84th St NYC movie theatre. So worth the extra money, IMO. Asher also got the Call of Duty game for Xbox One from my parents for Christmas, so I have a hunch we’ll be playing that this weekend, too. 😉

We’re also starting to plan our trip for the year. Since we focused a bit more on the US last year, we’d like to go overseas (could also include Hawaii). Any ideas?

Travel: This home in Florence, Italy looks amazing and is only $74/night. Whaaaat! 

Want: This backless ‘little black jumpsuit’ is super sexy.

Do: An illustrated guide to the Konmari Method.

Be: Most inspiring images of 2016: here.

Make: this. Harissa Meatballs all day err'day.

Have a great weekend!


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