Summer in NYC (+ How to do the Hamptons on a Budget)

Summer in New York City is gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as FALL. I can’t wait. Every day inherits just a bit more of that crisp, cool wind, and my heart is pounding with feverish excitement just dreaming of what this year holds. It's a thing to make new resolutions in the fall rather than the winter, so bring it on New York, I’m living my dreams and I’m living them big!

But, we can’t skip over how *utterly awesome* the summer months were. I used to be a mountains and greenery kind of girl, but my sweetheart, Asher, convinced me that I’m more of a salt-water-in-your-hair, sun-dress-wearing, beach lover sort of girl, too. Not one or the other. Both. Yep.


So, this is the beautiful Hamptons. Everyone says it’s expensive, but hey, we defied gravity and made it work on a shoestring budget. We saved our little pennies all summer long, and utterly enjoyed a restful (and peaceful) vacation. Here’s what we did:

Airbnb. ‘Nuff said. Cooked all meals in the Airbnb kitchen, packed picnic lunch for the beach, and splurged on dinner. Played on the beach all the live long day. Keepin’ it simple y'all. Fuh-ree ninety nine. 

Rented a car. Mmm that was interesting, but we were able to see all the neighborhoods this way and explore to our heart's content. Picked a few major adventures and lived it up. (Jet skiing and kayaking)

Oh, btw, the day after I got back, I got a *brand new puppy* #beansburrito (full name is Beans Burrito Beam), and he is my everything—truly my new best friend. You’ll meet him soon, but here’s a good one for now: 

My heart melts for him, always...



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