Anti Inflammatory Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie


I'm really having a smoothie moment right now. It's efficient and most importantly I get my greens and supplements for the day in one sitting.

Let's talk about some of the goodies in this smoothie.

Maca: The maca root is actually an adaptogen originating from South America. My favorite benefits include hormone balancing, energy and stamina, boosting the immune system and increased sex drive. I absolutely love including maca. The taste isn't great though so use 1 tsp and then add almond butter to mask the flavor. :)

Flax meal: Contains lignans which are linked to protecting the body against certain cancers, including Breast Cancer. It also helps regulate cholesterol and reduces inflammation.


Cinnamon: Who knew something so ordinary is actually incredibly nutritionally rich? Cinnamon is ranked #7 off all foods and herbs in terms of antioxidant concentration (source). WHAT? That's insane! Cinnamon in everything from now on, esp since it's fall. The specific antioxidants present are known to fight oxidative stress which helps brain disorders, cancer and heart disease. Cinnamon also fights inflammation, reduces PMS stressors, protects against cognitive decline and diabetes, helps dental health, fights infection and Candida. Y'all. Cinnamon is the spice of the year. Expect more recipes with cinnamon for the next few months because I'm hyped about it!

Please note: While all these superfoods and spices are incredibly beneficial, quality matters. Also, they are not a miracle cure-all. Benefits come from long term, steady use. Food has the ability to heal and truly nourish the body, but it does take time. Habits matter. Every choice makes a difference. If you fall off the bandwagon that's okay. Get back on. :) Doesn't have to be so dramatic, you know?

Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie


Blend, blend, blend! This is my everyday smoothie -- I can really drink it any day. Yum Yum.

Note: I sometimes add my greens powder to this, too for some extra umph.