Returning to Nashville

Welp. Two more cities conquered, and now we’re heading to Austin, TX as we speak (don’t worry I’m not behind the wheel right now). We drove from Kentucky to Nashville (about 4 hours) and camped just outside of the city at the Seven Points Campground, which lies on the edge of Percy Priest Lake. It was beautiful! We had a cozy little spot to set up our tent and a communal shower a ways off—everything you need! I have to admit, I got a little spooked in the dark when we got in the tent at night, but once I embraced it, I had a blast! I highly recommend this campsite—it’s highly affordable with a a great view of the lake. You can kayak and swim, too!

In the city, I gave Asher a good tour of the Belmont University campus (my alma mater), which grew 3 times bigger since I last saw it. It is stunningly beautiful, and I had a great time telling Asher about how much I loved my experience at this college. It was nice to share my past with him. 😃 There were some painful memories, but mostly beautiful ones that I would never take back. I will forever love Nashville because of Belmont.

We ate at Marche’ and Loveless Cafe, two of the best restaurants in Nashville, IMO. Marche’ is an adorable European/French style cafe with beautiful, but affordable fare. Loveless Cafe, though far less graceful, boasts the best biscuits in town and amazing Southern cooking’. Yum!

For music, we were lucky enough to get admitted into The Bluebird Cafe, famous for hosting up and coming singer/songwriters (and now-famous artists) like Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, and the writers for so many of the artists we now know and love. We were honored to watch an in-the-round session with some famous songwriters, full of conversations, reflections, and playing. It was an incredibly beautiful experience. It’s incredible how a good song will just instantly strike a chord in you that makes your body open and blossom in reaction.

We also went to music row, but I’m not the rowdy, drunken, honky tonk type (and neither is Asher), so we went home pretty quickly. Lol.

Things we struggled with: 

  • Parking downtown. It also didn't feel too safe to leave our belongings in the car. Paid parking starts at $25. Ew!

What we loved:

  • Relaxing in the park
  • Exploring the shops and restaurants in all the different neighborhoods
  • the FOOD!
  • The campsite :)

Tips for moving forward:

  • Research parking for larger cities in advance
Reading in the 12th South Neighborhood park—always good to find downtime, too.

Reading in the 12th South Neighborhood park—always good to find downtime, too.