Perfectionism: Good or Bad?

I struggle with perfectionism. I used to brag about it—listed it as one of my greatest strengths. My perspective has changed over the years on this, as in, I think it's my greatest weakness and even stifles important pieces of my human nature.

People talk of being a perfectionist as if it means their work will then be a cut above the rest. And I have been one of those people—FOR SURE. But as I get older, I realize more and more just how debilitating perfectionism is. I'm realizing that creativity practically demands a measure of space, of breathing room. Creativity, life, problem solving scenarios, relationships: these things all require space to mess up, work and rework, fail, fail again better. Yes we eventually want to come full circle and complete our projects, goals, and schemes. But polished work is overrated. Beautiful messes are in fashion.

For all those who've fed into my perfectionism over the years, don't get me wrong: I am thankful to be an organized, prepared, can-do-spirited kind of person. More than anything I'm thankful that I'm learning a new way to be. Being a slave to the pursuit of perfection and what other people think and want for me has taught me that there is a different way to be that doesn't create problems out of everything, but creates opportunity instead.

The people that inspire me the most are not the put-together perfect people. I'm enthralled by messy, raw, real human beings; Honest humans who know how to be real and exposed are the ones I want to emulate. 

Thas' all!