My Favorite Cleanser!

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I've been wanting to share about this product for a while because I just love it so much. I've said this before, but I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to beauty products. I don't need to own or try 1,000 items. If I find something I love, I use it until it's done and either buy it again or move on to the next thing. This is my third bottle of Josie Maran's Nourishing Cleansing Oil and I'm completely sold on it. 

An oil based cleanser sounds scary to some, but I promise it's a gold mine. The cleanser is a blend of argan oil, safflower seed and grapeseed oil. It contains essential fatty acids and heals and removes makeup, all while giving your skin a thorough cleanse. The cleanser is free from sulfates, synthetic fragrance and parabens so it's 100% nourishment for your face. It's great for ALL skin types. I'm not being paid to say this, I really just love this product. 

To apply, I put just one to two pumps in my palms and apply it over my dry face,  wet my skin a little bit and massage it in. I then rinse with warm water and use a gentle washcloth to remove the make-up.

People with oily skin are often hesitant to use oil-based cleansers but I think you'll be surprised how this product will actually balance out your skin.

And bonus, the the cleanser smells incredible. My boyfriend loves the way my face smells after I use it, which is a good sign. :)

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Josie Maran also has a whole host of other amazing beauty products here. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. Do you have any natural cleaners you LOVE? I'm always on the hunt for good quality beauty products.