Moab, UT

You guuuuyysss.


Moab, Utah is where it’s at. Officially. I’ve been wanting to go there ever since I saw *this* Instagram account, and Moab did not disappoint. The city sits between Arches and Bryce Canyon National Parks so you can easily visit both.


Arches was fantastic, featuring beautiful terra cotta/sandstone colored arches and spires made of rock. The colors were a magnificent red and bright orange. Arches is a park that must be seen in person—not just in photos. My jaw was on the floor the entire time.

Bryce Canyon National Park:

Thousands of spires towering into the air displaying colors of red and burnt orange fill a vast amount of space for miles and miles. Another site that is hard to describe with mere words, but is absolutely a must-see. 

The City of Moab, UT:

Moab is an adorable town with tons of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Once again, we had amazing Mexican food, and saw some beautiful artwork. We stayed in an amazing campsite/hostel where visitors enjoyed  a communal kitchen and fire pit. I felt so much peace sitting by that fire under the show of stars Utah had to offer. The sunsets were not to be missed, too!


In general, driving through Utah was truly something to behold. Though the national parks were astounding in their uniqueness, much of the land showcased similar views making the driving time very pleasant!

Things I Loved Most:

  • he stars and sunsets
  • The national parks themselves had a great vibe, and you can camp inside them. PLAN AHEAD because these fill up quickly. Also be aware that the campsites within the parks often don't include showers.
  • I recommend camping near the city of Moab or in. Great food, great shops, great place to buy unique souvenirs!

Advice for next time:

  • Bring warm clothes!
  • Book campsites way ahead of time!
  • Have a backup plan in case your accommodations fall through. If you're winging it like us, that's fine, but plan out your *options*. This will save a LOT of stress. 


Laura :)