Lemon Shortbread Smoothie Recipe


I recently purchased the Body Love book by Kelly LeVeque and have since used her smoothie recipes as inspiration for my own. This one is pretty similar to the lemon smoothie in her book, but I added some of my Vital Proteins collagen beauty greens, too. The thing about these smoothies: they are the perfect combination of protein:fiber:fat content to keep you satiated, glowing and full of energy for several hours. I usually try to add greens to my smoothies, as well, but that didn't sound super appetizing in a lemon shortbread smoothie. LOL. However, I would have no problem adding a bunch of spinach, because I don't think it adds much of a taste anyway. That's just me, though. The lemon juice is great for your skin, as it contains Vitamin C, a natural booster of collagen production in the body. Chia seeds are high in antioxidants, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Coconut oil is a cure-all for hair, skin and nails -- and aids digestion, too! This smoothie sounds light and fluffy, but it's actually pretty kick-ass in terms of the benefits.


Lemon Shortbread Smoothie

from Body Love with additions



Add all ingredients into the blender and BLEND. Sups complicated.