My Year in Instagrams // 2016 Ed.

I love Instagram:  it captures the highlights, and often (but perhaps not often enough) the sentimental and most sincere moments, too. As I look back, my heart warms and a smile marks my face, because let's face it—this is mostly full of Beans and just—how could you not?  This year we took beans off-leash for the first time, strengthening the trust in our relationship; Asher and I quit our survivals jobs and travelled for two months. It was my first trip to Israel. Asher got a driver's license and the week it arrived, we quickly took off on a 4-week whirlwind trip around the United States. We drove to KY, New Orleans, Austin, out west to Moab and the many National Parks out there. We touched the Western US coast and drove up California, stopping for the gems along the way. We saw Yellowstone, Colorado, Chicago, and ended up back in NYC, ready to be home and in the comfort of our own apartment.

I learned many lessons about patience, love, endurance, and change. I went home for Christmas with my beautiful family. Ashley got Frankie the pup, and Beans + Frank became best friends. I started a new business with my sister, AshLo Co. I developed some beautiful friendships in my neighborhood.

It was a FULL and blessed year. No matter the external drama happening all around, life is still beautiful and I'm surrounded by stunning people and things every day. Happy New Year!!!

All my love,