Italy Photo Journal (Part Two)

If you missed Part One, take a look. And if this isn't enough to convince you that a trip to Italy is necessary, then maybe you should check your pulse? :) When I look back through these photos, I'm reminded of how relaxing the trip was. Italy is the kind of place that invites you into a warm embrace, and whispers in your ear, "Hey, you. Relax. Stay a while." At this time, I was coming back from a year in India (more to come), and the leisure of Italian culture was exactly what I needed to unwind from the stress of my life.

I distinctly remember realigning with the idea that life isn't always about working so damn hard. It's also about family. And play. And beauty. As an artist, of course I appreciate beauty—but I'm always trying to create it. Oddly enough, I realized I don't often stop and just appreciate art and beauty as a recreational activity.

The colors, the sounds, the people, the architecture, the language. Life was alive. :)

In Italy, it's the little things like the sunset, that bike on a beautifully paved road, the river and the reflection of all the colors from the town, the cathedrals, the food (oh, GOD, the food), the music, the wine. And of course, the company—the beautiful souls I had the privilege to share the trip with. 

And then slowly, and all at once, it hit me that I could return home and simply continue to appreciate all the same things. The music I listen to and create, the people I share my life with, the beauty all around. I resolve to take nothing for granted, not only when I'm abroad in a foreign land, but also when I'm right at home, in the all too familiar.