Increase Low Intensity Activity, Feel Better

A growing amount of research suggests that smaller bouts of low intensity exercise has some pretty great health benefits.  Most people have busy schedules and can't eat as healthy as they would like, or get into the gym as much as they want.  I definitely think that exercising regularly with moderate intensity is important (and should not be taken OUT of our routines), but what about the rest of our lives?  Or how about those who just can't pull out another trip to the gym?  

Incorporating low intensity exercises into your work day can burn anywhere from an extra 330 to 1000 calories a day!  It is these small changes in our lives that add up and keep that extra weight off (especially with summer around the corner).  In addition, incorporating MORE low intensity activity decreases sedentary habits.  In other words, if you are moving more doing just about anything outdoors or around the house, you are spending less time sitting which will help to prevent weight gain, promote weight loss, increase energy, and encourage your children, friends, and family to follow suit.  So how can you make these changes in your daily routine?  

  •  Take the stairs as much as you can
  •  Get a pedometer (try to increase your steps each day with a goal of 10,000 steps a day). I use and recommend the fitbit!
  •   Take a morning or evening walk—take your family along!
  •  Instead of taking a load off on your lunch break, re-energize yourself and take a walk in the great outdoors; Learn to appreciate God's beautiful creation around you.
  •  Drink lots of water. 
  •  Park far away from the door everywhere you go
  • Walk or bike to work, or take public transportation whenever you can
  • Actually DO daily housework, or play with the kids!
  • And finally, my favorite tip: get a dog! I will do another post on this, but dogs increase happiness for multiple reasons, including getting you off your ass and outside in the sunshine. :)




WellnessLaura Beam