If you do one thing to eliminate stress, do this...

Ya’ll—sometimes living in the city is so dang hard. The trains are late/slow/uuuuuugh, the commute is too long, and walking everywhere leaves me exhausted at 5pm. Stress is an unavoidable party of daily life, so I've started looking into the best antidote to stress. Because it's addicting, don't you know? It's easier to get stressed out than to cope with it. Fact of life. 

So how to do you face stress head on without compromising eating habits, daily time management, and routines?

It's really no surprise that when experimenting with methods to combat stress, the conventional 'exercise daily, move in some way every day' adage actually works. After the holidays, I evaluated the prior year and realized that I lost all willpower to exercise, a problem I've never really struggled with before. So I resolved to embrace the most basic advice on the topic of stress. Move everyday. It doesn't matter matter if it's a yoga class, going to the gym, or a 15 minute at-home session consisting of body weight exercises. 

Exercising makes you feel better by releasing endorphins into your body, acting as a natural pain killer. It’s a ‘happy’ chemical. If your body feels better (+more alert, even energized), then your mind feels better too, because it’s all interconnected. In addition, exercise helps you sleep better at night, ultimately aiding stress levels. Finally, exercise in whatever form it takes makes you feel more like a real human being. It’s meditation in motion. From personal experience, when I complete my exercise, I feel like I’ve done the most important thing in my day. The reason is that it’s completely selfish and for my own benefit. And I think, especially living in a city like NYC, that you need to prioritize self-care in order to manage stress and do what you really want to do: help others and thrive in this crazy world. 

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