How To Be a Badass Girlboss

I recently attended the Create + Cultivate event in NYC and let me tell you that it was one of the best experiences of my life -- just the kick in the pants I needed to start living out my purpose on this earth.


"Create & Cultivate is a movement for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams."


The conference was one giant fem-powered conversation about how to exist in this digital world as a modern woman and entrepreneur. The panels featured so many extraordinary companies and the powerhouse women behind them -- Sweetgreen, Sage, Kendra Scott (so badass), Laura Mercier, BeGlammed, BirchBox, Studio DIY, and many more influencers and entrepreneurs that we all know and love.

And standing all on her own, Gloria Steinem delivered the final keynote. Ya’ll. I called my boyfriend immediately after and told him all about the experience. The energy in the room was so intense, palpably honorable and awe-struck. Truely, this woman is a legend. She oozes positivity and wisdom, a tried and true hope-a-holic.

I have a distinctive memory of her discussing the state of advertising today and how modern day advertisements pay such large sums of money just to be next to booming public figures and top selling make-up brands. It used to be that the pages of magazines were lined with beautiful literature and poetry, and (shocker) advertising companies paid to be next to it. Oh, what a time that must have been.


“Pay to be next to poetry. Pay to be next to fiction. We will reward you.” - Gloria Steinem


Another favorite bit on growing older:

“Here's the secret of age: You’re still the same person, but after you hit 50 or 60, you’re free like you were when you were a little girl. Except now you have money, and your own apartment.”

Gloria didn't speak in untouchable, fluffy terms. She often referred to indigenous cultures and what it truly means to be human: 


"People were linked. They were not ranked. Women controlled their own bodies. Languages didn’t have he and she. People were people. There was not a concept of ownership."


And in a refreshing reflection on the role of feminism, she encouraged the woman to approach men with compassion absolutely crushing the sterotype of what a feminist is in our society (one where I see too much gender bashing).

Aside from the amazing mentors, panelists and public figures, Create and Cultivate made the vibe boho-chic in a Brooklyn-esque expose-brick warehouse with no shortage of snacks and coffee. We drank rose. We took a million pictures at all the photo-op spots. We networked. We took notes. We got our hair and makeup done. We took home a million free products to try.


The vibe was all about collaboration - not competition. Creation. Innovation. Imagination. Friendship. Helpin’ a girl out. <3

And the main takeaway? Be authentically, unyielding, uncompromisingly YOU.