Holistic Dog Care: Pt. 2

Hi ya’ll! As everyone who knows me knows -- Beans is such a huge part of my life. This isn’t the first time (and won’t be the last time) I’ve dropped a soliloquy about how much my dog has improved my well-being. 

Today I'm sharing what I feed beans for meals and treats + toys that he loves most. I am not affiliated with any of these brands -- simply giving insight into what works for us. If you have suggestions, cool recipes, or brands you love, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’m open to trying new things!

Alright, FOOD.

Beans is an unbelievably voracious eater. I have to sloooooooooooow him down, lest he choke. For his meals I feed him Orijen grain-free dog food. We buy the biggest bulk bag we can find and put it in a cute little storage bin ( so it’s not an eye-sore) like this one. Make sure the container is big enough to fit most of the food. I have separate, smaller container that fits in my pantry where I put the remainder. But back to Orijen --  The nutrient content consists of 85% poultry, fish and eggs, 15% fruits and vegetables, and 0% grains, potatoes, or plant proteins, plus the contents are sustainably farmed. If you’re looking for a dry food option, I highly highly recommend this brand. Also, beans just loves the way it tastes.

(Side Note: I’m reading up on feeding dogs a raw food diet, but haven’t done enough research to talk about it yet -- always looking to improve Beans’ options! If you know anything about this, hit me up in the comments or feel free to send some reading material my way.)

Now, to slow down Beans’ eating patterns I do a few things: First, I most often feed him in conjunction with training (see this post). So I’ll take him up in the woods off-leash and practice recall with kibble for rewards. If I don’t have time to do this, I use a special kibble rationing toy, which also exercises their brain. I love this purple one and use it all the time. This Kong toy is great, too. You can make it even more difficult by mixing the kibble with peanut butter and stuffing it in there. Even more, put it in the freezer. Finally, my friend has this maze dog bowl and loves it. I haven’t personally tried it, but it’s on my Amazon wish list.


I looooooooove giving Beans treats. He’s most receptive to the Wellness Soft WellBites. For training in particular, soft treats work better since dogs can chew them up faster. These too.

Stella and Chewy’s is a fantastic brand with high-quality, organic, raw, freeze-dried ingredients. They provide a convenient way to incorporate a more natural canine diet without fully jumping on the raw food diet bandwagon. They have meal mixers, which can supplement a regular meal. Because it’s easier to digest separately, I give beans a scoop a couple hours after his meal as a ‘dessert’. :D You can also feed them the dinner patties as a stand alone meal OR (and this is what I do) break them up for treats. They now carry these adorable super-food mixers, which contains raw (high quality) chicken AND added veggies for superfood probiotic bonus points. I’ve tried all of these and they are A+ in terms of standards. Plus beans absolutely DIES for this brand. He goes ape-shit over it.

That’s all for now. I have so much more to talk about, but I’ll do more posts in the future. Let me know what topics you’re interested in exploring and I’ll try to get to it.