Healthy Habits #2: Hydrate!

The second healthy habit of this series is all about hydration. We hear it all the time -- drink more water. But why? Water is necessary to regulate body temp, remove waste, and protect joints/organs. It transports nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. 

Symptoms of dehydration are yellow/amber pee, joint and muscle pain, headaches, constipation, + more. Sounds deeeeeelightful. Not. It's so easy to prevent, so let's just drink UP. 

Here's the REAL good reason to drink more agua. All that bloat you're experiencing? Water is the remedy. It's counter intuitive, but water helps flush out the excess fluid you're retaining causing all the bloat. Also, if you drink a bunch of water before a meal, you're way less prone to overeat, which is a natural way to curb your appetite. 

Look, I've always struggled a bit with this particular habit, but I notice a very obvious difference when I'm drinking less alcohol and caffeine, and sipping on water/non-caffeinated teas. I don't get headaches and my brain functions at a higher level. Win win!

One last tip: purchase an eco-friendly BPA free re-usable glass cup to drink from. For some crazy weird reason I drink SO much more water when I do this (and I loooove drinking out of a straw). If I don't have my 'water' glass, I barely drink anything. So this is a key pro-tip. I LOVE this one here. And there are good color options available!

So drink water and tea and stay extra hydrated, especially as the summer months approach! 

What are your tips for drinking more water?