Get your booty outside! // The many benefits of being in the great outdoors.


Too many people are afraid of the sun. I get it and all, but in this day and age there are plenty of organic facial sunscreen's that protect your skin so you can then head outside and reap all the amazing benefits of being under the sun, enjoying fresh air, letting your body AIR OUT. I like this one.  

Increases Vitamin D (But what does that really mean?)

You've heard that the sun helps balance Vitamin D levels, right? LOL. Of course you have. But do you believe it? Sunlight exposure is linked to the prevention of many modern day ailments -- auto immune disorders, diabetes, heart disease and more. It also helps maintain and heal your skin. If you want to heal your acne, there's nothing more natural than a little sunlight (2).


Improves eyesight, reduces headaches

Computer vision syndrome is a real thing, ya'll! Get outside and focus on scenery that is both near AND far. Basically, staring at artificial lights two feet in front of your face is causing those headaches, migraines and poor near-sightedness. Eek! And can you really complain that it's good for you to look at beautiful trees? Mmmmmm no. 

Improved air quality

While outdoor pollution is bad for you, indoor air quality is WORSE. Give yourself a breather. 😃

Studies show that exercising outside increases happiness and the release of endorphins (more than exercising indoors).

It also turns out that non-exercise activity (NEAT) may be a critical means to maintain bodyweight. NEAT ranges from yardwork and gardening to walking to work. All of this small stuff ads up and absolutely counts. (3, 4)


Better Sleep

Exposure to sunlight is a big ol' factor in regulating your sleep. We also know that a solid circadian rhythm/sleep habit is CRUCIAL in balancing hormones, mood, immune response and alllllll the rest. 

Improves mental well-being and attention span

There is an undeniable connection between time spent outdoors and lengthened attention span (a growing issue in today's society), serotonin levels (feel-good hormone) and general well-being. To me, this is the biggest takeaway. Especially living in NYC and working on the computer for most of the day, I am such an advocate for doing everything you can to mitigate the negative effects of modern culture on your mental wellbeing and stability. 



So what can you do outside?

Go for a leisurely walk, run, garden, go to the playground with your kids, hike, climb, do yardwork, mow the lawn, grill out. Bonus points if you go barefoot ;).

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