Forgive Yourself.

Are you being too hard on yourself? When you make a mistake, overreact, or engage with a habit you're trying to kick, do you spin into a self-defeating mentality that pushes you further into despair?

It's good to be proactive, to be self aware and forward-thinking, self improving. But ya know what's better? To be compassionate with yourself. To be able to forgive. Allow yourself to be a real human being with flaws and issues. This is what it is to be human. 

Love yourself more, put on blinders. Stop torturing yourself with comparison games.

I'm no different. Look, I'm writing this because it's hard. It's the most counterintuitive response to be kind and gentle with yourself when you're reprimanding your consciousness for reasons both justified and unjustified. When forgiveness enters the equation, the body starts to make more room for love and expansion. Even the thought of self love, if I practice it right this very moment, deepens the breath and out comes a slight smile, a feeling of relaxation. And I feel the manifestation of kindness. And it feels good. Really good. 

I wasn't planning on writing about this. But I so strongly feel that we all need to just take the edge off and start taking a little bit better care of ourselves. Rest easy. Be light. Allow space. Allow joy and the swelling tide of emotion, for better or worse. Let it be. Be with it, and know that there is so much beauty in both the light and the darkness within you. 

I will come back to this. Because there's more story here to uncover.