Finger Lakes Travel Journal: Watkins Glen, Waterfalls & Campfires


Growing up, my parents instilled a sweet appreciation for camping and the outdoors. Back then we had a little pop up camper and they carted everything along in an old school dodge van. I remember the van was always stuffed to the brim -- they brought everything, but the kitchen sink. LOL.

Recently, Mom and Dad invited us to join them for a road trip to the Fingerlakes of NYC and we happily agreed. This time, they rode in an RV and we arrived separately with our puppies and tents in tow. We were there for four days and didn't even touch the surface of everything we could have done. The Fingerlakes area is full of hiking, boating, waterfalls, camping, fishing, canyons, gorges and wineries. In this first post I'm going to focus on Watkins Glen, because I took a million photos and it was one of my favorite aspects of the trip!


Where we stayed: Watkins Glen State Park is absolutely beautiful with a nice campground where you can access several trails on foot. Dogs are welcome -- and we loved that! 


What to do: Fishing, Biking, Hiking, Exploring. The gorge trail in Watkins Glen State Park is absolutely gorgeous with streams and waterfalls everywhere -- don't miss it. You get to walk behind, around and in front of several stunning waterfalls and several pockets of light peek through the coverage of the rock surface -- it's nothing short of amazing. 


I also really loved cooking out at the campground, toasting s'mores and reading by the fire, meandering through the area. One of the best parts of camping is really enjoying leisure.


In the next post I'll talk a little more about some of the wineries we found -- many of which are dog friendly and some of the other excursions outside of Watkins Glen. There are so many places to go along the fingerlakes. 


I'll post again next week about the wineries and a few other things we ventured through. I can't even tell you how wonderful this trip was for me.  How nice it was to be with my family, grill out, be with Beans & fam for unlimited hours. I didn't have wifi -- and it felt like light and deep breaths. Let yourself live sometimes -- really live. really breathe. really relax. I didn't take to it naturally, I'm sad to say, but I want to be better. Life is too short.

Mist in the morning is Earth’s morning breath…
— Nanette L. Avery