Crispy Soaked Almonds (VIDEO)

I know this sounds entirely too simple, but I'm telling you -- these almonds are shockingly good. Here's the reason you want to make this recipe and soak your almonds overnight: When you soak almonds, an enzyme called lipase is released, which helps your body digest fats. So, this makes almonds more digestable yes, but the dehydrating process after you soak them makes them super crispy and freaking delicious, too. The whole process accentuates the nuttiness and it's addicting. 

Everyone that tastes them is all, "?!&%& how did you make these?!" So here we are and I'm telling you the SECRET SAUCE. That's step one. These crispy soaked almonds. Now, over the next week I'm going to give you some simple application other than just eating them one by one. I'm going to get into my addicting, cookie-dough like homemade almond butter and then using said almond butter, we'll make dark chocolate almond butter cups. So let's start with the first step, which is these crispy soaked almonds. If you click the video title in the top left it will take you to Youtube where the recipe is written in the description box. :)