Cache, OK // Wichita Mountains

We drove to Cache, Oklahoma to visit the Cache Cemetery, where Asher's mom and some other family members are buried. I’m so glad Asher shared this experience with me, and I’m honored to have been at his side for it.

This was a quick-stop, so after visiting the cemetery, we stayed in a Best Western and watched Chopped on the Food Network Channel, sleeping in a super comfy King sized bed until the morning light hit. 

The next morning, Asher took me to the Wichita Mountains nearby and we saw a group of bison— *this* close. As we drove up the mountain, we stumbled upon a prairie dog field with thousands of beautiful daisies. There were HUNDREDS of prairie dogs, several just four feet away! It was pretty remarkable. We took a steep one hour hike and headed out to get to Santa Fe, NM next!

This trip was short and sweet, but full of beautiful moments that I won’t soon forget. :)