How To Thrive When You're on The Brink of Burnout


I don’t know about you, but I've been completely swamped lately. Simultaneously, I feel inspired and creatively motivated, but between my classes, job and blogging -- I’m starting to sense the onset of burnout. I really don’t want to get to a place where my passion (or life) becomes a chore, so this is where I step back and think, “What can I do to build in some me time and simplify life so I can get through this busy time while thriving?”

So here's what I'm working on -- and so far so good:

Take a few hours and get organize.

Get everything in your brain on paper so you don’t need to remember a thing and can just reference your to do list. Put all the items on the paper into your planner or calendar so it has an official time and place, even if it's scheduled for a much later date. If you feel organized, you’re more likely to embody confidence heading into the week. 

Organize your home. A decluttered space helps the mind stay decluttered, too. Give yourself a sanctuary to work in so you that being in your home and a calming and restorative place to be. 

Schedule in restorative me time.

Yes, schedule it. Make it just as (but really more) important as your meetings, career, etc. Prioritize activities that are beneficial for your health and sanity. So, this means scheduling:

Workouts -  Increases energy and stamina for the day and keeps the brain focused and fresh. If you're exhausted, keep workouts lighter so you don't fatigue your body. There's a fine line here, so you really need to listen to your body. On especially exhausting days, stick to yoga or less intense recovery workouts. Your body will thank you.

Meal prep: Eating is non-negotiable. To be sure you eat healthy meals three times a day everyday, batch cook and meal prep so you always have easy options to grab.

Down time without an agenda: Even if it’s 20 minutes of pleasure reading, make sure you have some time to simply be. 

Sleep: 7-9 hours, no matter what. You will be your best, most creative self by giving yourself this rest. Don’t believe me? Read this and this and this. Don’t be a martyr for your work. Life is about so much more than work. Take care of yourself. 


When you start to think negative thoughts, or feel overwhelmed by your day, take a minute and write down all the good things you have to look forward to that day and week. Give yourself an anchor. If you can’t find anything, build it in. For instance, today I found myself thinking, "I don’t want to go to work! Ugh, I have no days off this week and I didn’t find any time to work out. Oh, by the way, how on earth am I going to eat?" Sounds pretty negative right? Stop. Write down a list of things you're looking forward to. Here's mine:

  • dinner with Asher, Jennie, Travis and Vanessa Saturday night.
  • girl's night on thursday
  • yoga workshop with Erin
  • date night/quality time with Asher on Sunday night
  • looking at a studio apartment to buy on Sunday
  • Le Pain coffee before work on Tuesday and Wednesday

Now I feel gratitude, thankfulness, excitement -- not because my reality is so different from before, but because I shifted my mindset. 

Also, watch your thoughts first thing in the morning? Begin to make your first waking thought one of gratitude and thankfulness. Set the tone of the day with intention. :D

What are your tactics for getting through a particularly busy time? You're in trenches, but can’t exactly just walk away from it. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. As always, I’m writing this because I’m dealing with it myself. I absolutely love how life teaches us how to work through struggle with grace and power. And even still, it’s okay to have weakness and to be working through it. Whatever you're going through, be encouraged. 😃 Humanity is beautiful, flaws and all.