A new approach // 2018 Intentions


2017 was a big year for me, in both good and bad ways. I learned so much from my successes, but even more from my failures and mistakes this year. As a result, I feel incredibly optimistic and CLEAR on how to approach 2018. I’m beyond elated for the opportunity to build my business, to create content, to expand my knowledge as a health and wellness expert. These goals are obvious and come quite naturally to me. But I actually don’t want to focus on my business plans in this post. 

You see, I’ve always been very introspective and as a result have a tendency to get a bit too bogged down in the details of life, relationships, career. Feel me? When you're like that, life starts to feel so…serious all the time. In 2017 I often felt like I was watching myself from a birds eye view: I would be talking with a friend and thinking, “Why am I being so negative? Aren’t I too young to feel so anxiety ridden? What happened to that youthful, adventurous, wild girl inside?” I am an advocate of feeling ALL the feelings. Negativity is not always bad. Flaws are beautiful. The mess is a beautiful display of our humanity. But I just want to shift my perspective a bit. So 2018 is dedicated to the spirited, buoyant wild child inside.  

In 2018, I want to embody:





Yes, I want to work like hell on the things I’m passionate about, to be an affluent expert in my field and make a positive difference in this world. But I want it to go down with an air of ease, play, lightheartedness and adventure. As we get older, we stop giving ourself permission to slow down, to take a load off and to enjoy our work. So no matter the task, no matter the matter — each day I want to pursue life with a lighthearted spirit. This is going to take some decluttering, some letting go (both figuratively and literally). For example, I KNOW in my heart of hearts that I took on too many jobs and projects in 2017 and undervalued my services. I played the victim too many times. I didn’t take responsibility for my happiness. 2018 is going to be a year of simplifying, of taking better care of myself financially, mentally and physically, of decluttering my home, my schedule and my mind. 

I can’t wait. I’m not saying there won’t be sad days or hard things. Life has a way of taking us by surprise, doesn’t it? But in the middle of all that life has for me, I want to relearn to do life with a bit more ease. To let go just a little more and allow more space for the good stuff. And with a willing heart, simply say yes to it (which means saying no to some things, too). 

I’m going to write these words >> ease << play >> lightheartedness << adventure >> down as a reminder, so that when I’m faced with inevitable challenges, I can consciously remember that I always have a choice as to how to respond in any given situation. As Tim Ferriss always poses, “If this were easy, what would it look like?”

How do you want to feel in 2018? What did you learn from your mistakes and triumphs in 2017? Do you have any 'unlearning' to do, like me? If you can identify how you want to feel, can you imagine how it might impact your day to day?