||A Guide to Snacking||

A guide to snacking, 101: The struggle of a lifetime. 

Here’s the deal: I’m pretty diligent about eating nourishing, health-conscious meals. #WIN.

But—the snacking and sweets situation continues to prove difficult. The key, for me, is to have healthy snacks stocked up in the pantry...And then to eat them in moderation, not as a substitute for meals.

Last week I was running around from job to meeting to workout to date night, and I just couldn’t keep my meals in check. I was so busy that I didn’t pack my lunch (mistake #1), and as a result stopped to get a quick snack from the deli multiple times (mistake #2). Not only is this NOT good for the wallet, but it also wastes groceries, and tends to contribute to the demise of a healthy lifestyle. 

I decided to take inventory of all the crap I ate when too busy to pack a lunch, and came up with some QUICK, AFFORDABLE, yummy options. Seriously, a girl has to live and I don't have time to overthink this. The reality is simply that life in general, especially life in New York, is go-go-go and you have to prepare in order to make it work. So I went to good ol’ Amazon and Trader Joe’s and stocked up.

Here are my current LOVES in the snack department:

1. Apple OR banana + almond butter.

Pop some slices and a couple tablespoons of almond butter into a tupperware container in two seconds flat and you’re GOOD.

2. RX Bars

Again, in moderation, but these are amazing and the ingredient list is oh-so-simple. Check!

3. Dark dark chocolate + raspberries

Nothing to say about this. Try it, and never go back.

4. Raw nuts

Asher eats these like his life depends on it, and he’s fit as a fiddle. You can never go wrong with this snack, but make sure you get a quality brand.

5. Avocado

A million things you can do with this. Some ideas: avocado toast with salt and pepper, eat it plain with a dash of salt and pepper using a spoon. Mix with cucumbers and/or tomatoes.

6. Greek Yogurt

I like full fat, because it’s incredibly filling. And an extra little secret: I love to mix in a dash of maple syrup (JUST a dash) and some almond butter. It is divine!