5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels


1. Drink tons of water.

What can water NOT do for you? That is the question. The other day I was sitting at work with a serious case of brain fog. Then I had a thought. I'm going to drink a bunch of water and see how that goes. Within an hour, I felt clear-headed, headache gone. No joke. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Water keeps the digestive process moving, prevents fatigue, transports nutrients, regulates body temperature and is a vital part of MOST of the body's major processes. Start drinking plenty of water and you'll see your attention, memory, cognitive function, skin quality and MORE improve. The effects are almost immediate. For some reason, I have the most difficult time convincing myself to drink lots of water consistently, but the results are seriously positive, so I'm doing my best. 

Are you struggling with this, too? I'm picky about water bottles -- the vessel matters. This is the one I love and these are the straws I use when drinking out of regular cups. For some reason I drink more water when there's a straw involved. LOL.

2. Incorporate adaptogens.

Adaptogens help the body to naturally balance and regulate stress hormones in body. They are healing plants that gently deal with stress, anxiety and fatigue. Common adaptogens include ashwagandha, rhodiola, cordyceps and more. I absolutely love Four Sigmatic's products, which offer a great alternative or collaboration with your coffee habit. Check out the goodies!

3. Eliminate processed carbohydrates and refined sugars. 

Simple carbohydrates, sodas, candies and sugar sends the blood sugar soaring and then crashing, which not only perpetuates cravings for MORE, but exhausts the body and leaves you feeling sluggish when the crash happens. The best thing for your energy in the long run is to work toward balancing your blood sugar curve with healthy fats, whole grains, high quality protein and plenty of vegetables. After a short while, you’ll notice you have more stable, sustained energy levels. The body is working FOR you! 😃

4. Move your body. 

If you’re in a funk or low on energy, get out for a walk with the dog (or a partner or solo). Especially if you spend most of the day sitting, make an extra effort to spend more time outdoors, taking the stairs, moving your body in ways you enjoy and can sustain. Exercise sends oxygen and nutrients to your cells and enables the heart and lungs to work more efficiently, giving the body more energy!


5. Sleep for at least 8 hours. 

Sleep allows your body to RECOVER. Most of your body’s major restorative functions occur when you sleep at night: muscle growth, tissue repair, growth hormone release and more. The answer to many of life’s problems can be answered with this one: sleep more

The common thread connecting these methods? They all take daily effort. Sometimes you just have to do the work and put in effort to take care of yourself day to day. Then a magical thing happens. You'll start to see results that will change the way you live, eat, sleep, breathe and interact relationally. These steps, though simple, are profoundly effective and intuitive. 

 What are your tips and tricks when it comes to having steady energy day to day?