// Travel Journal // Mount Rushmore + The Badlands

I already mentioned that I lost a ton of photos on my camera, so big fat sad face here. All that remains are the few photos that I had on my phone. We drove from Wyoming up to Montana and down through South Dakota. We stopped at Mount Rushmore for a quick half hour stop and saw this little diddy ^^. Spectacular right? But even more weird were the goats wondering around. I think people were more into the random animals than they were into the feat of the sculpted faces in the mountain. We had a great time!

Afterward, we enjoyed dinner at a cute dinner and drove through The Black Hills, and then after that, toward the Badlands:

The Badlands did NOT disappoint. The structure of the rock formations and sandstone were completely unique and filled with various colors, spanning on and on for miles. We really enjoyed just driving through, stopping at a few points. You can do this drive and see a lot of good things without stopping, but I recommend getting out for a few photo ops along the way. :)

After this, we drove to Iowa to hang out with Asher's cousins and uncle, which turned out to be a lot fun, especially since his uncle owns a spectacular BBQ joint in the neighborhood. After resting up for a few days, we decided to skip some of our remaining stops. Honestly, after being out of town for close to 2 months, we were ready to be home with Beans and sleep in our own bed. We drove to Chicago, ate deep dish pizza to our hearts content, saw an improv show, and headed out the next morning, driving the whole way home to New York City. Home sweet home. :)